About Us

Behind A Mind was founded by Claire Gellard and has been funded by The Maudsley charity. The projects aims to provide awareness and education surrounding mental health conditions. Comprising of short films, animations and expert and patient talks, we explore the psychological, biological and environmental elements of specific health conditions; initially, OCD.

About Claire

Claire Gellard is an award-winning filmmaker (‘Public Awareness’ category at The Scottish Mental Health and Arts Film Festival) and psychology graduate. Claire’s personal experiences of mental health issues provided the inspiration to educate and support others and she has delivered numerous educational talks to health professionals, trainees, patients and school children. Claire left a career in film and television production in 2015 to pursue her longstanding passion for psychology and she completed an MSc in 2016 at Middlesex University. Despite Claire’s previous work in mental health education, she wishes to keep this area of work as a personal project and focus her academic career on other areas of psychology. Claire completed an ambitious dissertation project in which she assessed evolutionary, biological and social theory in order to identify what it means to be ‘social’; the costs and rewards of cooperation and defection and individual differences within prosocial and egoistic behaviour. The study focused on empathy, narcissism, self-esteem, guilt and shame and provided a detailed analysis of how these mechanisms affect and relate to social value orientations. She received a first class grade for her project and is currently in the process of further analysis under the supervision of Professor Tom Dickins, with a view to publish her work. Claire secured a competitive role as a graduate research assistant at the University of Roehampton in 2016 and is currently seeking to continue her studies by embarking on a PhD programme within her research interests.


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